WWSU Listener's Corner

WWSU Listener's Corner

Listen live to WWSU, chat with the DJ, or make song requests here.

Please allow several seconds after clicking play for buffering before you begin hearing audio.

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Chat with the DJ

Sending a public message is viewable by the DJ and other web visitors. Sending a private message is only viewable by the DJ.

By submitting messages, you agree not to abuse the chat system (and that your IP is logged). WWSU and the on-air DJ have the right to delete messages or ban users, temporarily or indefinitely, for any reason, with or without explanation.

Request a Song

Click a track below to view more info and/or to request it. Scroll to the bottom to load more tracks.

You may request up to 10 tracks per day. Requests during automation are played after the break at :00, :20, and :40 past the hour (up to 3 requests are played per break in the order in which they are received). Requests during shows are up to the DJ's discretion.