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WWSU 106.9 FM

Dayton's Wright Choice


We are Wright State University's radio station!

WWSU 106.9 FM is a non-profit radio station broadcast from Wright State University. Since 1977, we have delivered a mix of music, sports, and talk shows to the Fairborn and Dayton communities. Our offices and radio studios are located at 018 Student Union.

Home of Raider Sports

We provide live play-by-play coverage of many Wright State home games from a variety of sports teams such as Men's / Women's Basketball, Women's Volleyball, Men's / Women's Soccer, and more!

Diverse Talk Shows

On-Air talents host a wide variety of talk shows. There is something for everyone from campus and Greek life, to news / politics, interviews, pop culture, activism, and more!

Indie and Top Music

When there aren't any shows on the air, we broadcast a wide range of music from top hits to local / independent artists.

Run by Students

Broadcasts and leadership positions are almost exclusively run by students. Students from any study field can get involved with WWSU.


We promote freedom of speech and diversity of thought. We provide and welcome content from a variety of political and spiritual / religious points of views.


We do not cater our content to the desires of advertisers. We provide a wide variety of music and content to you without commercial influence.

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World College Radio Day

WWSU is a Proud Participant and 2021 Award Winner

World College Radio Day Logo

What is World College Radio Day?

World College Radio Day is an annual worldwide event held by the College Radio Foundation. Hundreds of college radio stations around the world, including WWSU 106.9 FM, raise their voices and showcase what college radio has to offer. On this day, college radio stations will often put on special events, programs, interviews, bands, and much more. Take a break for a day from mainstream radio and tune in to your local college radio station!

Why Support College Radio?

Invaluable Radio Experience

College radio stations provide students looking to get involved in radio with invaluable experience. While classrooms provide critical education on mass media, college stations provide real-world and hands-on training and experience to compliment college education.

Independent Operations

Many college radio stations are run independently and free of influence from large media groups. Some, such as WWSU, are even non-profit. This allows college stations to provide a wide variety of creative content with minimal advertising and commercial influence.

Community Voice

College radio is a voice for not just the college but also the community. From local and independent artists to emerging leaders and talent, college radio provides others with a platform for exposure. College radio also provides crucial information to local communities.

World College Radio Day 2021

Winner of the Spirit of College Radio Award 2021

Spirit of College Radio Award 2021 certificate for WWSU 106.9 FM
Over 600 radio stations participated in World College Radio Day, 2021. WCRD awarded 10 radio stations who went above and beyond to show the true spirit of College Radio. WWSU 106.9 FM is a proud recipient of one of these awards. And we thank everyone for their continued support and listenership. We could not have done this without all of you!

The theme for World College Radio Day (WCRD) 2021 was #ResilientRadio, and the official ambassador was Weird Al Yankovic.

Many radio stations around the world faced hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic lockdown of 2020, several stations, including WWSU, lost access to their studios (although some remained on the air). WWSU was fortunate enough to have the technology allowing on-air talents to host live radio shows from remote locations, such as their homes. Unfortunately, many other stations did not have this technology and relied on automation and pre-recorded programming.

WCRD 2021 aimed to showcase the resilience of college radio. On October 1, 2021, over 600 college radio stations participated and came together to share their passion for college radio amid these difficult times. WCRD hosted a 24-hour global marathon featuring radio programs from several participants around the world.

WWSU originally planned to host a 24-hour radiothon on World College Radio Day by providing non-stop radio programming and no automation for 24 hours. Unfortunately, Wright State University's Student Union, which houses the WWSU studios, experienced an electrical fire in late August, shutting the building and the radio station down for three weeks.

Luckily, WWSU Radio experienced no damage from the fire. However, once the Student Union was back open, WWSU only had several days left to plan a radiothon. Despite doubts that it could be done, the station decided to try, but aim for a 17-hour radiothon instead.

It was a massive success. WWSU was able to provide 17 hours of non-stop programming, which included (but was not limited to) the following:

Wright State Staff

Old Lady on the Radio

Patrick Schmalstig, Chief Engineer, interviews Debbie Lamp, Staff Adviser of the station, on her college radio experiences. She also shares what led her up to becoming the station's staff adviser.


That 80's Show

Patrick Schmalstig, Chief Engineer, interviews "Laughing Chipmunk" and "Harmony", regular guests on The Wright Morning Show. They both re-live their experiences at Fairmont High School's radio station, WKET.

Wright State Staff

Importance of College Radio

Shea Neal, General Manager, interviews Chris Taylor, Wright State Dean of Students, and Jonathan Ciero, Wright State Student Body President, on the importance of college radio to the Wright State community.

WWSU directors

WWSU Director Chat

The directors of WWSU each take a few minutes to talk about their college radio / WWSU experiences.

Student Orgs

Outside Org Look at College Radio

Shea Neal, General Manager, interviews a couple student orgs and alumni on their perspectives of college radio relating to student organizations.


Kinner, Kev, and the Kid

Shea Neal, General Manager, is joined by Justin Kinner and Kevin Nash, two WWSU Radio alumni. They discuss sports and college radio.

Directors / Contact

All dates/times are in your local time zone.

Members / On-Air DJs

Become a member of our organization!

There are many ways to get involved at WWSU:

Host a Radio Show

You can be on the air on WWSU! Host a talk show, play music, and much more. You have lots of freedom with the content of your show.

Be a Sports Announcer

Be one of the voices of WWSU Raider Sports! Go to the games and bring play-by-play updates and analyses to our listeners!

Be a Disc Jockey (DJ)

Help us provide music at events all around Wright State's campus and sometimes off campus at local venues!

Populate our Music

Find music to add to our system. Book interviews with local bands and artists. And help schedule our genre rotations.

Market and Book Events

Help us promote the station, recruit more members, book music events for other orgs, develop promotional graphics, and seek partnerships.

Help Maintain Technology

Assist the engineer with maintaining the equipment and software. Help develop cool new features and acquire equipment to make the station even better.

Requirements for Membership:

Be a Wright State student in good standing

  • You must be registered at Wright State University for classes... 6 credit hours for undergraduates, 3 for graduates... for the current or next semester.
  • You must be in good standing with the university and maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Non Wright State Students (including alumni, faculty, and staff) cannot be members of WWSU 106.9 FM. However, they can get involved (such as co-hosting a radio show) under the guidance of an organization member. Contact us at if interested.

Complete our free training program

All prospective members must complete basic training on the organization's constitution, policies, and procedures. This training is free and offered on Pilot. It usually only takes about an hour.

Additional training is required to use our radio studios (such as for hosting a radio show or recording audio), be a DJ at events, or be a sports announcer. These trainings are also free and on Pilot. Each training program may take an additional 1-4 hours to complete.

Training is asynchronous and can be completed at your own pace.

Maintain good standing and contribute to the organization

Although we do not charge dues for membership, membership is a privilege and not a right.

All members are expected to follow the regulations explained in our constitution (which members will receive during their training). This holds especially true for radio regulations.

Since we do not charge membership dues, we also expect members to contribute their time or supplies to the organization each semester to maintain their privileges (especially hosting radio shows / using the studios). There are many ways to contribute:

  • Help us provide music, set up / tear down, and promote the station at events
  • Announce sports games
  • Review new music submitted to the station for quality and radio compliance
  • Donate cleaning supplies to sanitize the studios
  • Record Public Service Announcements, weather, and other segments for the station
  • Make promotional material / graphics for your radio show
  • Attend required member meetings
  • Donate snacks / K-cups / coffee / tea to the "relaxation station" in the station lobby.

Partner with us!

Why partner with us?

WWSU is a non-profit organization that provides a valuable service to our community. We offer affordable sponsorships and event services that are significantly less expensive than conventional advertising offered by commercial radio stations or event services offered by DJ companies. Through your partnership of WWSU, you build an identity with the Wright State community. Donations made for your partnerships support the hands-on training WWSU provides to Wright State University students and the costs necessary to keep WWSU on the air.


Wright State student organizations get a 10% discount on everything!

We may provide services for free or a greatly reduced price for charitable events donating their proceeds to a reputable cause.

Book us for an event!

Contact (Marketing)

We can provide music for your event, whether you are a Wright State student organization, university function, or local business that caters to Wright State. As a non-profit, all proceeds will directly benefit WWSU Radio.

For organizations and businesses with tight budgets, we may be able to negotiate a lower price. Please let us know your budget when you contact us.


Want to keep it simple? You can provide us with a list of songs / song criteria you want us to play at your event. We will make a playlist and play it through our loud speaker equipment.

Package includes a 2 speaker set-up and one wired microphone for announcements. Additional equipment increases the set-up / tear-down fee.

  • Set-up / tear-down fee: $50
  • Rate: $45 / hour
  • 10% discount on the total price for Wright State student organizations

Live DJ

Want something extra for your event? We can provide a live Disc Jokey at your event to spin unique mixes of the songs you want us to play. The DJ can also add a little personality to your event and can do your announcements.

Package includes a 2 speaker set-up, one wired microphone for announcements, and the necessary equipment for the DJ to work their magic. Additional equipment increases the set-up / tear-down fee.

  • Set-up / tear-down fee: $50
  • Rate: $75 / hour
  • 10% discount on the total price for Wright State student organizations

Additional Equipment Options

We have additional equipment we can bring to your event for an additional fee added to the set-up / tear-down fee:

  • 2 more speakers (total of 4) as a "wireless" speaker set-up: $20
  • Wireless microphone system (2 microphones): $10
  • Basic LED lighting (automatic light show): $10
  • Basic LED lighting (light show controlled by a person): $20 and +$15 / hour to the hourly rate
  • No branding (no WWSU logos nor promos of any kind): $25

Sponsor us and be promoted for your generosity!

Contact (Marketing)

Support WWSU's wide range of content by sponsoring / donating to our organization so we can stay on the air. In return, we will promote your brand / organization / identity / event / cause.

On-Air Sponsorships / Underwritings

Underwriting Regulations

As a non-profit radio station, we have strict regulations we must follow set forth by the Federal Communications Commission. In short, we cannot air anything that could be deemed "commercial content". When you sponsor a broadcast or the station, you are essentially making a generous donation to us to keep us on the air. As a thank-you, we air an informative, non-biased, non-pursuasive spot for your brand / organization / identity / event / cause. Here are the regulations we must follow when making spots:

  • must be informative (not pursuasive) and non-biased, allowing listeners to make their own opinions
  • must not include calls to action (eg. "buy this", "please donate", "sign up now")
  • must not include prices or price info (eg. discounts, promotions, etc)
  • must not include any music / sound effects; must only include the voice of the reader
  • must be voiced/recorded by a station personnel; must not be recorded by the sponsor
  • must use third-person language (eg. must not say "you", "we", etc) because spots are addressed from the perspective of WWSU, not the sponsor
  • must not use subjective or comparison language (eg. "best in town", "better than Your Company", "right thing to do")
  • must contain a prefixed message: "Support for [WWSU Radio or Insert Broadcast Name Here on WWSU Radio] comes from Your Brand Here."

Underwritings will go through WWSU's directors for approval before being recorded by them to be put on the air. We can also help you make a script that will conform to non-profit underwriting regulations.

Station Sponsorship

Station sponsorships are general sponsorships where we promote you on the air throughout the day (including when there are no shows broadcasting).

You can choose one or more of the following for a station sponsorship:

  • The script / info (it must follow underwriting regulations)
  • Number of spots to air total
  • Days of week / hours of day it should air
  • Start date/time
  • End date/time
  • Adjust air frequency to air more often when more people are connected online and less often otherwise

Station sponsorship prices:

  • Random days/times: $3/spot
  • Set days/times: $4/spot

Broadcast Sponsorship

You can sponsor specific shows or broadcasts if you enjoy their content. Your promotion will air when the show/broadcast is on the air and will not air at other times.

You can choose the following for a broadcast sponsorship:

  • The broadcast(s) on which your promotion will air
  • The script / info (it must follow underwriting regulations)
  • Number of spots to air total
  • Start date/time
  • End date/time

Broadcast sponsorship prices:

  • Tournament sports broadcasts: $30/spot
  • Regular sports broadcasts: $20/spot
  • Featured episodes (promoted on WWSU social media): $15/spot
  • Regular live or remote shows: $10/spot
  • Prerecorded shows: $5/spot

Display Sign Sponsorship

WWSU has display signs inside our lobby. We also have a display sign facing a high-traffic hallway in the Student Union of Wright State facing out of our on-air studio. If you would like us to promote your brand / organization / identity / event / cause on our display signs, we can do that! We can include text and/or a graphic.

Public Display Sign

The public display sign includes the large TV facing out our studio window and towards a high-traffic hallway in the Student Union. It also includes the left TV in the WWSU lobby.

Slides on these signs show on average once every 2-4 minutes for about 15 seconds.

Price per day:

  • Fall or Spring semester class days: $150/day
  • Summer semester class days: $75/day
  • Non-class days: $40/day
  • In rare events, promotions may be suspended for breaking news from The Guardian Media Group or severe emergency alerts.

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Use Discord

Sometimes, show hosts will use the voice or text channels in our Discord server to bring on guests. Join our Discord server (home page and scroll down to social media) to use Discord's voice or text channels.

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